Nice To Fit You is among the strategic partners of IRONMAN Poland

Submitted by dp_admin on Thu, 01/11/2024 - 17:31
Nice To Fit You, one of the leaders in the dietary catering industry in Poland, joins the sponsors and strategic partners of IRONMAN Poland. Specially prepared and planned meals will be served to participants at events in Warsaw, Gdynia, and Poznań.

From the beginning of its operations, Nice To Fit You has focused on the experiences of its customers and making their lives easier. As the first company in the meal delivery market, it offered customers a mobile application and the ability to choose meals from the menu for each day, which eventually became industry standards. Customers have the opportunity to compose their daily menu from 50 dishes, available among 12 healthy, balanced diets. With the SELECT option, they can also choose from nearly 60 specific dish proposals, similar to a restaurant menu. Numerous certificates, including Food Hygiene Control, V-Label, Viva, and HACCP, attest to the highest quality of meals

It is said that nutrition is the fourth discipline in triathlon. We know that participants in our events are demanding and value the highest quality of services. Nice To Fit You guarantees this. Meal plans are an excellent solution for individuals balancing professional and family life with intense training. I am convinced that meals prepared by Nice To Fit You will meet the expectations of triathletes not only during IRONMAN Poland events but also, and most importantly, in their daily lives.
Michał Drelich, CEO Sport Evolution Agency

The Nice To Fit You brand has been supporting its clients in leading an active lifestyle and pursuing demanding training plans for years.

We strive to encourage not only our clients but also all those observing us to awaken their taste for a sports passion, take care of themselves through movement and various sports activities, and above all, to change their dietary habits for the better. Now, our experienced dietitians will share their knowledge of nutrition during IRONMAN Poland events and in advisory articles. We aim to support amateur athletes in pursuing their goals and, most importantly, provide them with a balanced diet tailored to their individual needs.
Sylwia Ramos-Wójcik, Brand Manager at Nice To Fit You

In connection with the collaboration, a special promotion has been launched for participants and enthusiasts of IRONMAN events in Poland. Until the end of January, entering the code IRONMAN10 when placing an order will grant you a 10% discount on Nice To Fit You meals.



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