Run at night in Warsaw, Gdynia, and Poznań. Registrations are open!

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Running at night has its undeniable charm, especially during the warm summer months. Experience it yourself during one of the three editions of Night Run - in Warsaw, Gdynia, or Poznań. Registrations for the 5-kilometer runs are now open!

A short distance, relaxed atmosphere, nighttime, and a magical, brightly lit finish line - that's a brief description of the Night Run events, taking place as part of the IRONMAN Poland weekends.

This year's runs are scheduled on the following dates:
- Warsaw: June 7th;
- Gdynia: August 2nd;
- Poznań: August 30th.

In each case, participants will cover a 5-kilometer distance. The Warsaw run will be based in the Multimedia Fountain Park, with the route leading through the streets of the Old and New Towns. In Gdynia, the charm will be added by the route along the Seaside Boulevard and the spectacular finish line in the middle of the Śródmieście Beach. In Poznań, running enthusiasts will meet at the International Poznań Fairgrounds.

The athletes limit for each run is 1500 people. The registration fee at the beginning (for the first 500 people) is 60 PLN. Each starting package will include an LED armband and a finisher's medal. Interested individuals will have the option to purchase the official run T-shirt.

Night Run is primarily about providing fun and entertainment, but at the same time, it's also about education. We want to draw attention to the safety of runners after dark. Hence, among other things, the LED armband included in each athlete's race package. 
Piotr Jakóbik, spokesperson for IRONMAN Poland

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